Railway Budget Offer:

The Railway Budget precedes the Fiscal Budget by 3-4 days and would normally consist of 15 Normal and 3 Premium pages.You will be billed for 15 pages but the exposure you get is not only on the 15 pages but also the 3 Premium pages. You can choose any form-factor i.e. Full Banner, Half Banner, Logo, Regular Panel, Large Panel or Mini strip.

* The Online Budget 97 Corporate Sponsorship.

This is available on a first come basis upto 20th of February after which the online budget page will be open for general advertising. The Corporate Sponsorship of the 1997 Online Fiscal Budget page/s is available for a special fee of US $ 70,000 for the year 1997-98 and offers the following benefits :

  1. Your company name on the masthead ie The ABC company Online Budget 1997
  2. The Entire Online Budget 97 section will contain Your company's advertisements exclusively. (approx 30pages)
  3. Creation and response management of an Opinion Poll/ Feedback Form/ Quiz for your Company.
  4. Special Web site created and maintained by us for the year. If your company already has an existing site, a special section relevant to the budget or on any topic of your choice can be created for you.
  5. All promotional material on the World Wide Web regarding the forthcoming Online Budget immediately after Your company's sponsorship contract is final will contain your Company Name.

Flexible options are available. Please contact our marketing department.

Regular Fiscal Budget 97 pages ( after 20th February'97)

The Fiscal Budget pages would consist 30+ pages.In this offer you are billed for 20 pages but your advertisement appears on all the 30+ pages which constitute the budget.You could can choose any ONE form-factor i.e. Full Banner, Half Banner, Logo, Regular Panel, Large Panel or Mini strip.

Full Page Scheme

Here you can book all the standard adspace on any particular page ie Full Banner, Half Banner, Logo, Regular Panel, Large Panel and Mini strip. which totals 88 sq cm and you are billed for only 75 sq cm. Note : in this scheme the magazine retains rights to 16 sq cm of adspace to use at their discretion

Takeover an Entire Page Scheme

And for exclusivity on the entire page , book ALL the available ad space ( 104 Sq cm) and pay for only 94sq cm.

Roll Over Scheme

You can provide N ads of any one form-factor and get a roll-over daily at (N x 5%) premium.

Animated Premiums

You can provide an AVI, GIF animation or a video clip of any of the form-factors at a 10% premium.