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Budget Estimates 1998-99
Freight loading of 450 million tonnes
Passenger traffic estimated to grow by 5% over 1997-98
Gross Traffic Receipts, at current fare and freight rates, estimated at Rs 31,022 cr
Ordinary Working Expenses estimated at Rs 23,720 cr - up by Rs 350 cr from interim Budget level
Due to enhancement of retirement age from 58 to 60 years,appropriation to Pension Fund reduced from Rs 4,000 cr in interim Budget to Rs 2,218 cr.
Appropriation to DRF increased to Rs 2,473 cr as against Rs 1,500 cr in interim Budget
Total Working Expenses estimated at Rs 28,411 cr.
Net Traffic Receipts at Rs 2,611 cr.
Net Miscellaneous Receipts at Rs 372 cr.
Net Railway Revenue projected at Rs 2,983 cr.
Dividend payable to General Revenue increased to Rs 1,777 cr from Rs 1,756 cr in interim Budget

'Excess' works out to Rs 1,206 cr - falls short of plan requirement by Rs 450 cr.

Tariff Proposals to be effective from 20.6.1998
Fares of Second class (ordinary) increased by:-
Re 1 for distances up to 50 km
Rs 2 from 51 to 100 km
Rs 3 from 101 to 300 km

Rs 5 from 301 km onwards

Fares for First Class (ordinary) and Sleeper class (ordinary) increased by
Rs 5 for distances upto 750 km
Rs 10 for distances from 751 km to 1500 km
Rs 20 for beyond 1500 km
Increase of Rs 5 to 15 in monthly season tickets
Second Class Mail/Express fares increased from Rs 5 to Rs 25
Sleeper class Mail/Express fares increased from Rs 10 to Rs 45
Fares of higher classes also increased
Rs 20 to 60 in First class Mail/Express AC Chair Car
Rs 42 to 120 in AC 3 tier
Rs 60 to 180 in AC 2 tier
Rs 180 to 540 in AC First class
20% increase in Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express
Bed rolls to be supplied free in AC 3 tier
Fares in Metro Rail Calcutta, increased by Rs 1 to Rs 3
Surcharge in MRTS Chennai increased to Re 1 in Second Class and Rs 2 in First class
Computerised reservation charges increased by Rs 5
Supplementary charge for super fast trains also revised to Rs 10 to Rs 50
Platform tickets to cost Rs 3
Parcel rates for magazines increased by 20%
Newspapers spared
Parcel and luggage rates of all other commodities increased by 5%
Proposals in regard to freight rates
No general increase in freight tariffs
Freight rates for coal adjusted marginally in shorter distances
Classification for iron ore, manganese, and other ores, timber and caustic soda, soda ash and rubber crude moved up by one step
Taper of rates for coal, cement, iron ore, steel adjusted by 1 to 2%
Classification of limestone, dolomite and gypsum reduced by one step
Foodgrains, edible salt, urea, edible oils, kerosene, liquid petroleum gas etc. continue to enjoy exemption
Above proposals to yield Rs 450 cr.

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