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Profiles of the Indian Economy Overview Team

The people who designed the project, and the many who made it happen

About Us: Writers, photographers, technical experts from every part of the world, and a gang of enthusiastic volunteers, brimming with goodwill, are making The Indian Economy Overview the default destination for web surfers seeking enlightenment on the Indian economy.

The concept of a series of Web sites providing comprehensive information about various facets of India, the land of many colors, stemmed from many hours of browsing the web looking for good Indian sites. Most Indian sites seem to be a far cry from the professional, visually and factually rich sites one would hope for. So we set about filling that lacuna, and are happy to present the first of our efforts in this direction.

The creative minds behind this site are Internet expert and self-confessed "tech-nerd" Anindo Ghosh, and renowned photographer Pablo Bartholomew of World Press Photo Award fame.

Both felt the Web was the only medium that could allow them to combine their expertise to create visually dynamic, content-rich sites, sites that are not just words and pictures, but truly interactive information resources. Hence, MediaWeb was formed - to put India firmly on the World Wide Web map.

Multi-talented Anindo Ghosh (aka VB_Wizard) has been designing world-class Web sites for Indian clients for the last 3 years, and is well-known and respected in Web design circles worldwide. He hit the public eye in 1995 for single-handedly designing India's first virtual seminar on the Web, the Virtual Vision Seminars 1995, during the IT Asia PC Expo. He is also a columnist for Computer World and regular contributor to cutting-edge publications like Computer World, PC Quest and PC Magazine.

Pablo Bartholomew took the plunge into the cyber-world as the only Indian photographer invited to participate in a world-wide project entitled 24 Hours in Cyberspace: Paintings on the walls of the digital cave, in which one hundred photographers around the world clicked their shutters on 8 February 1996, documenting the Internet and it's denizens. His photo-journalistic career, however, spans two decades of India's history, reflecting the growing pains of a nation with one foot in the past and one on the accelerator.

Without the long hours of hard work by the rest of the MediaWeb core team, as well as several outside enthusiasts, The India Economy Overview would still be on the drawing board. We would like to acknowledge everyone's efforts, even those we may have missed out due to an oversight.

Jennifer Morrow is a New Delhi-based free-lance broadcaster and correspondent for the Voice of America. She is the chief editor on the IEO Editorial Panel. Without the many late nights, skipped meals and early mornings she put in, this site might well have been a large collection of poor copy and typographical errors.

Poonam Gupta is a computer applications specialist. The coordination of technical and public relations activities is her territory, which she handles with amazing dexterity. She is supported by Geetanjali Pasi, an engineering student, enthusiastic volunteer and overall cheerful personality in times of stress.

Shalini Gupta is a merchant banker with one of the foremost financial institutions in India. She provided much of the economic and financial insights for the successful design of this site, besides coordinating with economists, reviewers and arranging for many economy-related resources.

The Web design, implementation, QA and usability testing for the site are the coordinated efforts of several of the best WebMasters the world over, all close associates of Anindo from many earlier web projects, and members of the elite World Wide Web Support Forum, who became involved in the project after discussions over Internet Relay Chat. They are mentioned here in no particular order:

Thomas "Megster" Hadfield, WebMaster of the tremendously successful British site Soccernet, Mohan "MKool" Khurana, designer of Kool Net, and Rajesh Goel, designer of CyberCricket were heavily involved in the actual Web page coding.

T.J. "tjmac" McManus, of Capital Structures Corporation and Tera Lee "TisMoi" Gemmil-Mugrage, designer of The Internet Adventure Company, were immensely helpful in visual design and QA inputs. TisMoi especially went far out of her way, spent many late hours consulting with the core team, to help get the IEO design just right.

Ken "SirNoir" Mugrage (TisMoi's husband, and co-designer of NetAdventure) and Philip "Heater" Pantano were both of great help with suggestions, tips, and problem fixes with the artwork on the site.

And finally, thank you, Stacy "Leica" Stewart, for your painstaking, detailed critiques of the copy and artwork on the site, which really kept the rest of the team hopping!

The acknowledgements would be incomplete without thanking the babies, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands of team members, in that order, for bearing with them through their long, obsessive work sessions. You made this happen!

All photographs used on this site are by Pablo Bartholomew, except where otherwise stated, and are his sole copyright , no photograph may be copied and used for any purpose whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

All design, layout and artwork on this site is by Anindo Ghosh, WebMaster of MediaWeb and the Indian Economy Overview. Please feel free to adapt techniques from these pages, but do not reuse HTML code or graphics from this site outright.

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