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MediaWeb offers you an opportunity to reach a focussed global audience seeking information about the Indian Budget and Economy, for an affordable price. The potential exposure is immense, and this would be a invaluable platform for promoting your company worldwide


How would you go about creating a global corporate image for your organization, that will reach tens of thousands of decision makers all over the world? You could advertise globally in magazines, on television, or in other traditional media, if your advertising budgets are astronomical, and the target audience is not sharply defined. Or, you could look for a web site that is being accessed by thousands of people who fit the profile you need to reach, and advertise on it.

The Indian Economy Overview has quickly become the default destination for people interested in the Indian Economy, people who have either invested in India, or are looking for investment opportunities. This makes it an ideal platform to promote a corporate image, to invite joint ventures or foreign investors, or simply as a means of promoting your own web site through a link.

With a head start on detailed coverage of the Indian Fiscal Budget 1997-98, MediaWeb is now seeking advertisers and sponsors to take advantage of the sustained extremely high viewership from all over the world (3000 DISTINCT NEW visitors every day, and rising FAST, over the last several months).

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